You are not Alone

Who Is My Friend?

The word friend is defined in American English as a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard and esteem. In British English, it is defined as a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations. Depending on how deep the bond or strong the attachment is between two persons friendship has been categorized from casual friends to close and best friends.

The value of every friendship, just like other basic things that we need in our life, can be categorized according to our need of it. I am always amazed at the fact that some people (if there are any) could sustain the level of friendship they have with another person from childhood. The reason for this is because when I look back to my friendship track record I can count in one hand the number of people I would actually call my friend or have been my friends at some point. Each one of them came on different times of my life, although there had been times that I had different friends at one time. I do not want to discount the value of each friendships that I had but no matter how hard I tried now the level of bond or attachment that I had with them is o longer the same. We still call each other friends but its just different now.

Friendships can be found even in the most unexpected circumstances. It does not matter whether the friendship has been there for decades or just a few days. They are all the same, beautiful friendships gives us wonderful memories to remember by and every honesty and truths shared with our friends provides us with lessons to live by.

All friendships are developed according to the trust and respect each person is willing to give to one another. Maintaining a certain level of friendship would be a matter of choice because each one of us has to lead different lives and build other relationships depending on our social or marital status. As we mature personalities and outlook in life changes and according to where we currently are we build new relationships including friendship.

Anyone can be my friend depending on whether the other person wants me to be her or his friend. Just like any other relationships respect is a prerequisite to a beautiful friendship. Two people with different personalities can be close or even best of friends as long as they are willing to accept each individual unique differences and are willing to compromise at a certain point.






The Day I found My Niche

It has been six years now since I last opened this Blog I have created in 2011. I have always wanted to be a writer but always ended up concluding that I am not that skilled to be one. First, I have no actual training of any sort about writing and has very limited adventures in my life to write about. I had to give up on that dream and had to find other things to do that I might be good at. Next to writing, my other real interest is on providing some sort assistance to anyone who needs it. After my step-son graduated from high school I decided to work and spent two years doing a technical support job for a foreign account. I loved my job because it gave me that opportunity on a daily basis to make a difference to random peoples lives. No matter how small or big the help I am able to provide, all of them counts and most people recognizes them and would not hesitate to express their gratitude. From that experience I also gathered that no matter the culture differences are everyone lives similar lives and the has similar needs,  one of which is a good talk or conversation with somebody who is willing to listen….

I am back now and for good. I actually am overwhelmed of the thought of the great responsibility I am about to take on to actually make this site a reality but I can do it. I will do it.

This site is solely intended to be a place where people can be true to themselves… starting with myself. I will be talking most about myself because it is something I have unlimited knowledge about and I would encourage everyone to do the same. I shall as well try to be available and be there for anyone who wants to reach out. Just please don’t ask me for money because that is something I do not have to give away.

The concept of this site came to me out of despair. In the past thirteen years I have been with my husband I have suffered depression on three different times. I would not say that I don’t have friends that I can talk to, ironic as it may sound, I am not comfortable talking about my troubles with a friend especially if the issues are too personal and intimate. I could talk to my husband about them that was why I was able to get through those really depressing days of my life.

I would like to give an opportunity to anyone who might find themselves in that position and does not have anyone else to turn to. I can listen to anything someone might want to say just to lighten up his or her load and share some thought about them if asked for. That is what this site is all about.

There are a lot possibilities but I’d like to start with that. Soon you will be seeing more of my Me articles and if there is anything at all that you think I maybe of any assistance with do not hesitate to reach out.



What We Are

Life is not always a bed of roses. For most people it is a journey that entails challenges to overcome, occasions to celebrate and tragedies to mourn. For some it is an endless struggle to survive and keep up with the competition. However we chose to live our life, one thing remains constant… we do not live alone. Each and everyone of us is somehow forced by life’s necessities to deal with another person. It doesn’t matter whether we like it or not, it’s a reality that each of us has to accept. Even a sociopath needs to eat, drink milk, wear clothes and so on and so forth.

Each of us is shaped by the complexities of our interaction with another human being. As we grow older and the scope of our interaction with others becomes wider the more complex our personalities become. As we become adult our judgment of life and how to live it solely depends on the life we had since the time we became aware of ourselves. On how strong or weak our conviction is depends on how we trusted others when we were a child and how trusted we were then.

The tragedies and misfortunes that befalls us none of us consciously wanted them to happen. But, I emphasize this because it is important for us to understand, the reality that no one of us would ask for any form of tragedy or misfortune to come to us, by the forceful power of suggestion of those responsible for shaping our personalities do we blame ourselves for every single misfortune and spend our lifetime taking everything against ourselves and eventually hating ourselves. We have to know that no one else would love and accept us for what we are better than we.

We have to take on life as it comes. Respect for ourselves begets respect for others. Regret is not an option if we should live a worthwhile and meaningful life. Regret is not synonymous to desire for redemption. If we have made a mistake we should work on making it right by doing the right thing. Wrong can never be made right by a pile of more wrongs, and it certainly cannot be contained and kept hidden. Not for long. Nothing is more frustrating for anyone than to be lied to and deceived.

Life itself is a gift, the greatest gift that everyone of us have ever been given. Every new day that comes after the night’s rest is a new blessing that has to be consumed in ways that the One who gave us the gift of life would be pleased. As we are truly happy and at peace with ourselves so is our creator.

Where is God

If we come to think for a moment like a little child and ask, “Where did the first life form came from?” , this is to avoid a debate on whether we were originally created in human form or did we evolve from apes to human form,  we might reconsider the fact that maybe, just maybe, there is  God.

The question now is where is God?

It is almost insane to believe in someone that no one of our kind have ever seen nor heard speak.  And it is exasperating to try to convince others that there really is God without being able to point where God is.

No matter how insanely senseless some people may find it, I will still try to point where God is.

Let’s forget about where the first life form came from, we’ll be long gone before we can find the answer to it, if there is one.

I was raised a Catholic so I basically grew up knowing there is God. The basic knowledge instilled to me by my parents when I was a child was that God is in Heaven, that if I do good I will go to heaven and live with God, and if I do otherwise I shall go to hell and burn there eternally.

For the time being that basic religious principle was enough to draw the line between right and wrong, but as I grew older I have become more inquisitive about how I can really go to heaven. I was fifteen years old when I had my first religious breakdown. I call it to be such because of the gravity of the situation I have put myself on then.

It was summer, a little after I graduated from high school, when I started getting too spiritual. I had two months school vacation so it was a perfect chance for me to indulge myself in my new-found quest for salvation. For weeks, I would stay locked in my bedroom praying for the salvation of the world, reading the bible and every available religious material I have managed to collect. I feared going out because I believed I was too weak to fight the urge of committing sins, maybe not in action but in thoughts. When my fear became unbearable I took the courage to go out and went to a convent. There I begged the mother superior to take me in claiming that God has spoken to me and He wanted me to serve Him with my whole life. I was going to, literally, give my mind, body and soul to God. That was all that mattered then. I can barely remember now what the mother superior told me after telling me they could not allow me to stay in the convent unless I had my parents sign some documents stating that they consent my desire to become a nun. Prior to that I’ve already discussed the possibility to my parents… it’s not gonna happen. I left the convent with tears in my eyes. I could not contain my disappointment, so in my heart I silently asked God Why? I can remember clearly now, that was the first time I’ve actually acknowledge God’s presence in my life. It was at that point of my life that I have scribbled the words that I now posted here entitled “Voice of God”.

Eighteen years ago, I found out that God is not only in Heaven. As priceless and incomparable God is, finding Him did not require me to acquire some hidden map and secret codes like finding hidden treasures that are usually portrayed in movies. Finding Him is as simple as listening to our favorite song on the radio.

God is in everyone of us. He is in the air we breathe. He is in everything around us.

God is the smallest particle ever existed in the universe. He has to be so that He can be able to divide Himself and be in His countless creations. It’s up to us to let that smallest particle of God in us grow in our lives so that ultimately we can live in His grace and… go to HEAVEN!

Only One Love

It has always been said that love is the best thing that can ever happen to us.  I have seen many movies that depict happily ever after romances, yet quite only a few real life love stories have survived the tragedy of human emotional and personal conflicts.

Love is probably the most complicated subject to discuss and try to make sense out of. Many writings, songs and even movies have been made to justify its existence, yet still its true sense and meaning remains a mystery to us all.

Love, in its highest form is beautiful. Many say it makes their world go round, others claim it brings color to their lives, and a few believe that love conquers all. It may be true that love in its strongest point have changed people’s lives, but if we look at it closely we will find that love does not work only for the good of those who embraces its existence,  it is as destructive to some as it is constructive to many.

It is prejudicial to say that I am violating the sanctity of love because I am not. I am simply trying to put the word into its rightful place. It is doing injustice to the word “LOVE” when we use it for the sake of saying it, and it is blasphemy to categorize it in some shallow definition in order to understand it. There is no greatest or lesser love. There is but one LOVE. God is Love.

Voice of God

My beloved child, never be afraid to come to me and ask forgiveness for the sins you have committed. I am always with you however you may try to deny it. I know everything! I am never happier than when you come to me to confess and accept your mistakes. I do not punish you to suffer and cause you pain, I punish you because I love you. I cannot and will never let you walk astray. You may not know how glad I am every time you come to me and open up yourself to me, I am never happier. overtime you confess and repent for the wrongs you have done the whole kingdom of Heavens rejoices with you.The angels sing joyful songs upon the return of a beloved child.

Never be afraid of me, instead have faith on My great love to you. Forget pride, that is inflected by evil. I have no pride and will never abandon nor despise my children whenever they commit sins. Come to me freely. Open up your heart, soul and mind, the joy and contentment you will find in Me is immeasurable that nothing on earth can match it.

Have faith in me, My Child, love me as I love you. Make me the only One you need. I do not ask you to be holy as My son Jesus when I sent Him to save you. I will not require you to serve Me with all your life. I will not ask for anything in return for the gift of life I gave you… just have faith in My great love to you and everything will follow.

Whatever you do open up yourself to me without reservation and I will provide everything. I am never hurt than when you are hurt and suffering because of a wrong choice you made, My child! I have given you free will and that I have no control over. All I can do is control everything around you for you not to walk astray. I do not will for you to be peculiar and different to those around you… just have faith in My great love to you and everything will follow! I do not require you to isolate yourself from others to avoid making mistakes, just open up and let Me lead the way! Always remember that I am always with you, that I hear your every thoughts and see everything you do.

Do not be afraid to accept and confess your mistakes, I understand. I am never happier than when you come to Me and let Me help you get back on your feet. Just open up yourself and remember that I am always looking after you.

When you open up your heart, soul and mind to Me, all doubts, questions and uncertainties will fade away. I will willingly provide everything you ever need. Have faith in My great love to you!

Forget yourself and follow Me. Everything I give you, they are my gift to you. Use them, but never be puffed up with the worldly prestige they can give you. Do not let them lead you astray, for they are nothing if you let them overcome you. They are worthless if they are no used for good cause.

Forget pride, My child! It is inflicted by evil.

Pride is Satan’s way to deceive you. It will give you nothing but pain and frustration, until you become deceitful yourself to live up with what your pride dictates you. Pride is the father of all evil, it robs all the goodness humility and humbleness is capable of doing. Humility, My child is the mother of all virtues. When you learn to humble yourself that is the time when I will work with you… the time when you let Me lead the way!

Do not aspire to live up to the expectation of others, whatever you do to please them will never be sufficient. The world’s standard is far too high and vain.

Be simple. Do as your heart tells you. Forget the promises you made to people, just work best on whatever it is you love doing. Make Me your everything, I will provide everything you’ll ever need!

Treat and love others as I do, they are all your brothers and sisters. Look at them neither superior or inferior than you. In my eyes you are all equal. Do not fear tomorrow or the next hour, I know what’s best for you! I know your needs and never will I let you starve nor walk bare, I will provide everything as a parent provides for his child. Do not glorify the beauty I gave you. It is nothing if I will it to be. Do not try to impress others. They won’t be if I will it to be.

Do not hurt your brothers and sisters. I am never saddened than when you do…

Do not be hurt when you do not get what you want, I don’t will it to be…

Do not envy your brothers and sisters, I have other things allotted to you…

Do not complain when others curse you, I allowed them to…

Never consider revenge when others deceive you nor hurt you, I permit them to…

Turn to Me when everyone else turned their back on you, I will never let you down. Do not depend on yourself, you are nothing and powerless… like an empty vessel, useless until I pour My grace unto you.

Do not resent when I punish you, I have My purpose in doing so…

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